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Who We Are

Quentin Chiappetta

More comfortable expanding sonic and musical boundaries than being confined by them, 

Quentin enjoys an unusually wide-ranging creative career as a composer, sound designer and mixer for the stage, the screen, and the art world.


Quentin’s music can be heard in hundreds of broadcast series, films, installations and stage productions. 


  He has mixed and created immersive sound design for everything from film to multi-channel permanent installations  in museums around the globe.


Quentin founded medianoise in 2000 

Josh Samuels​

is a New York City based sound designer creating work that is immersive, engaging, and unexpected.

Having started out in sound for theatre, he has worked on countless shows across the country and in New York, including several Broadway productions.

His expansive experience in sound includes Theatre, Opera, Live Music, Recorded Music, Film, Broadcast, Podcast, Installation Art, and various other forms of entertainment.

He is a proud member of USA 829, and the TSDCA and holds a degree in theatrical design from Ithaca College.

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